Mabel's Ice cream

Diversity Festival July 2015

The Diversity festival was held in Castle Green in Barnstaple and was a great setting for a festival of dance and singing from all round the globe!

Mabel was very busy in the glorious sunshine with other food vendors such as the Koffee Karumba, Country Kitchen and Lola’s Wings.

Next to Mabel was some delicious curry making going on and the smells were heavenly!

There were stalls selling African paintings, and beautiful hand made bags, as well as many other lovely things.

The singing and dancing were great, with belly dancers, Irish bands and many many more.

It all finished with some Bangra dancing and we were given lessons on the green in the moves!! It was a great spectacle…i think great fun was had by all, and we look forward to next year!!!

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Mabel Mabe's Ices