Mabel's Ice cream

Vintage treats – Ice cream, ice lollies and sweets

Ice cream

Dunstaple Farm Ice Cream supply Mabel with quality ice cream locally made on the farm in North Devon using their own fresh milk and clotted and double cream sourced from local dairies. All the ingredients, both flavourings and colourings are natural and of the highest quality.


We serve traditional clotted cream vanilla, raspberry ripple, and chocolate of course and other retro flavours such as lemon meringue. We also serve a variety of ice lollies such as strawberry splits, cider and screwballs.

And from Mabel’s candy bar old fashioned sweets such as Rhubarb and Custard, Lemon Sherbets and Cola Cubes.

If you have any other flavours or special requests that are not on Mabel’s menu, then Ruth will see what she can do to accommodate your wishes!!

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Mabe's Ices