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North Devon Street Food Awards

Ilfracombe promenade was the setting for this years North Devon Street food awards. Mabel has never entered before, as she has always been busy with other things…but this year, she was already for taking part.

There were different catagories to enter, with the best meat dish, best fish dish etc. Mabel was entered in the dessert catagory, and our dessert was Wimbledon related, called Game, Set and Match! It comprised of strawberry sauce, locally picked strawberries, clotted cream ice cream, strawberry ice cream, topped with more strawberry sauce and a chocolate strawberry truffle, all finished off with a shot of pink champagne! Delicious!

Unfortutately we didn’t win, but the dessert that did was Pimms ice lollies…delicious they were too, with mint and cucumber pieces…lovely!

Also taking part were many of North Devon’s local street food vendors, such as Sea Dog, the Glorious Oyster and Phansits Kitchen! the winner of many catagories went to La Caca loca the lovely mexican food van…

All the awards were sponsored by Marsdens and Mabel had a great time!

Mabel's dessert Wimbledon Ice cream Sundae

Mabel’s dessert Wimbledon Ice cream Sundae

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